Sunday, 2 October 2011

White Victorie Longchamp with Blue Embroidery PonyHair Horse

Very first and one of my Classic Longchamp Le Pliage Collection,
stunning white colour tote with very beautiful
embroidered horse logo.
Even though I know this gets dirty easily, still
this bag is so pretty!
Medium size with long handle.
I am very lucky in getting this bag, it was listed in ebay for bidding and over 40 watchers!
I am asking the seller to sell this to me at but it now price,
this bag used to be displayed in a store, handled by customers few times, but
who cares ?
The seller is so kind, well maybe I am lucky to sell this to me at $150 AUD.
This price is kinda expensive for me during that time,
but now it makes me feel that its worth it!

The bag is almost new when I get it.
I am not sure whether this is a limited edition Longchamp bag,
but I am pretty sure no one carries this in Melbourne and I only
seen one lady carries the black version of this bag with orange
embroidered horse.
This is the rare version of Longchamo Le pliage, and I need to take care of it a lot
due to the white color^^ Love it

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