Monday, 10 October 2011

Longchamp Japan Miyajima Limited Edition RARE

Say hello to the bags that I have been looking for so long 
I can't believe I got this edition of LONGCHAMP, 
because its so rare and completely sold out in JAPAN!
Eventually I type in the name and keep searching on the website and 
was hoping that someone is selling,
but every seller says that they are sold out! This bag is not available in Ebay :(
One day, I saw an advertisement in one of the website.
The lady is selling both brown and black Miyajima bags,
I quickly email her and was hoping that se will reply promptly.
I also text her according to the numbers on the advertisement.
I didn't receive any reply until I check my junk mail!
Oh god would never know she has replied until I check my junk mail!
Then we got the price and shipping discussed, because I am getting both of the bags!
One of the issue causes our transaction cannot be done quickly is the payment method.
I always prefer to pay by PAYPAL, especially for international shopping.
But the seller is having some problem with the Paypal.
Still, finally we got our payment finalised, she received my payment and posted my bag weeeeee
Receive it today via FEDEX EXPRESS, getting excited!
Medium box is opened, a longchamp shopping bag
 with 2 gift boxes.
My bags is wrapped with a thin layer of paper :)

Finally ^^
Medium size with short handle - Brown and Black colour.
Black one with gold colour printing;
brown one with white colour printing :)
Longchamp Miyajima - Motif represents the beautiful Torii of Itsukushima at Itsukushima Shrine, 
a Shinto shrine on the island of Itsukushima, often referred to as Miyajima in Japan
I love the black one with gold printing, probably gonna use this :)

And save this brown one for my collection :)

I love the printing on the nylon.
Even you still can get limited edition like

in ebay or other website, but definitely not this.

I can say I am so lucky!
And now, me and the seller lady are friends and we hang out
via viber and facebook sometimes :)

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