Monday, 17 October 2011

Longchamp 2010 Galeries Lafayette

Say hello to my limited edition Longchamp Galeries Lafayette, beige with red
trimmings, medium with short handle.
Come all the way from Singapore.
I really cant believe I got this bag after I have been looking it for so long!
Last time when I saw is in ebay, I hesitate to buy it because it looks
too mature for me.
Then I regret, I start to look for this bag around the website.
I also keep emailing the sellers for the bag availability.
Finally, one seller replied my email and she said she has the last piece in beige colour!

This bag is deal at SGD, which is a great deal in AUD.
Much more cheaper than I expected you know some seller 
sell it at such a high price! Arrrrrghhh
The seller doesn't accept paypal,
fortunately I have friends in Singapore.
He got me the bag based COD and then post it to Melbourne to me.
I got this bag after a week plus!
Guess what, I actually gave him the wrong address
and I am so worry.
Still I got the bag safely on my hand hehehehehe

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