Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Longchamp Victoire with Oversize Purple Rider Logo

Stunning and one of my greatest collection LONGCHAMP BAG.
Dark grey wool tote with oversize purple logo emblem, such a beautiful design.
Moreover, its medium in size with short handle!
I actually saw this bag accidentally in google,
then I found this is a rare and sold longchamp bag.
its so special that I couldnt find it in anywhere, 
even I ask a lot of seller they dont't have it or it's been sold!
Actually I saw  this bag in ebay few times when the auction starts and at first I thought this
bag is the same as the one I have (Wool Duffle Longchamp).
After few times of seeing this bag plus the one in google that I wanted so much, 
I start realising that actually this is the bag that I am looking for!
The reason is the pictures of the bag listed in ebay is so blur and
the real colour of the bag couldn't be seen properly on the monitor. 
Somehow you cant really see that the riderlogo is purple in color which I thought its grey,
that's why I thought this bag is the one that I already had!
Luckily I find out and win the bag in the auction, yay!
During the last 10 hours I want the seller to sell me this bag at buy it now price,
I offer quite a high price you know,
but it was too late and the seller couldn't cancel the auction :(
But then I won the bag and request for express shipping, can't wait!
The price of the bag is so much lower compared to the price I offer to the seller,
lucky me!
The rider logo is purple in colour, you can see that the logo itself
is furry and it feels the same way that it looks like too!
This bag almost have the same material compared to my wool duffle tote,
just that the material is thicker and the bag can stay in its shape properly.
I guess that makes it so pretty and unique!

Silver zipware.
With shinny patent leather trimming.

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