Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Longchamp Limited Edition FLOWER Tote

Hi all, Ah it has been almost a year since last time I bought a longchamp bag.
Got this gorgeous longchamp from ebay. 

Some of the seller tempt to sell this at very high price so watch out buyers!
Medium short handle.

With navy shinny leather trimming and this bag is made of fabric material.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Longchamp Art Deco Cabas in Cardon Colour

My first Longchamp cabas, very pretty art deco in the front of the bag.
Size M in chardon (light blue) colour.
This bag is released at limited quantity and I eventually ask my fren to help me to get this in Singapore. Have been in a hard time getting a fren helping me to get this.
The price is reasonable compared to some retailers which is selling this bag a very high price,
I dont think the normal art deco le pliage will be costing more that $300.
This will be my last piece of longchamp bag for this year as I bought too many bags recently, well just wait until I get a very stable income for more bags hehehehehe