Monday, 24 October 2011

Longchamp New York City Girls Limited Edition

White medium size and shirt handle.
Got this in EBAY at a very good deal!
Even though it pre-owned, but it is in immaculate condition like almost new ^^
This is a limited edition season few years ago, very rare and sold out!
Feel so lucky that I saw it in ebay and won in the auction hehehehe
This Longchamp handbag is stitched with Brown
New York City scenes (runner in Central Park; girl hailing taxi outside of Longchamp store)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Longchamp Victoire with Oversize Purple Rider Logo

Stunning and one of my greatest collection LONGCHAMP BAG.
Dark grey wool tote with oversize purple logo emblem, such a beautiful design.
Moreover, its medium in size with short handle!
I actually saw this bag accidentally in google,
then I found this is a rare and sold longchamp bag.
its so special that I couldnt find it in anywhere, 
even I ask a lot of seller they dont't have it or it's been sold!
Actually I saw  this bag in ebay few times when the auction starts and at first I thought this
bag is the same as the one I have (Wool Duffle Longchamp).
After few times of seeing this bag plus the one in google that I wanted so much, 
I start realising that actually this is the bag that I am looking for!
The reason is the pictures of the bag listed in ebay is so blur and
the real colour of the bag couldn't be seen properly on the monitor. 
Somehow you cant really see that the riderlogo is purple in color which I thought its grey,
that's why I thought this bag is the one that I already had!
Luckily I find out and win the bag in the auction, yay!
During the last 10 hours I want the seller to sell me this bag at buy it now price,
I offer quite a high price you know,
but it was too late and the seller couldn't cancel the auction :(
But then I won the bag and request for express shipping, can't wait!
The price of the bag is so much lower compared to the price I offer to the seller,
lucky me!
The rider logo is purple in colour, you can see that the logo itself
is furry and it feels the same way that it looks like too!
This bag almost have the same material compared to my wool duffle tote,
just that the material is thicker and the bag can stay in its shape properly.
I guess that makes it so pretty and unique!

Silver zipware.
With shinny patent leather trimming.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Longchamp 2010 Galeries Lafayette

Say hello to my limited edition Longchamp Galeries Lafayette, beige with red
trimmings, medium with short handle.
Come all the way from Singapore.
I really cant believe I got this bag after I have been looking it for so long!
Last time when I saw is in ebay, I hesitate to buy it because it looks
too mature for me.
Then I regret, I start to look for this bag around the website.
I also keep emailing the sellers for the bag availability.
Finally, one seller replied my email and she said she has the last piece in beige colour!

This bag is deal at SGD, which is a great deal in AUD.
Much more cheaper than I expected you know some seller 
sell it at such a high price! Arrrrrghhh
The seller doesn't accept paypal,
fortunately I have friends in Singapore.
He got me the bag based COD and then post it to Melbourne to me.
I got this bag after a week plus!
Guess what, I actually gave him the wrong address
and I am so worry.
Still I got the bag safely on my hand hehehehehe

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Special Edition Bilberry Longchamp Le pliage


One my Longchamp collection with different material - Textile
This is a very rare collection of Longchamp.
That's why I bought this because it just feel very different
when compared to another longchamp bags!
Medium size with short handle.

Shinny black leather trimming.

Silver zipware.

This is a quilted textile material, just feel very comfortable when touching it :)

Longchamp Statue of Liberty

Finally I got a longchamp bag in graphite color :)
Large with long handle.
And with this piece of longchamp with STATUE OF LIBETY,
I completed my the collection for this season :)

Everyone is hunting for the Paris eiffel tower, but I think
3 of these are even nicer and more limited in quantities :)
Black, brown and graphite :)

With gold zipware.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Longchamp Limited Edition - GREAT WALL OF CHINA

The special Asian edition of LONGCHAMP - GREAT WALL OF CHINA.
Medium size with short handle.
Stunning gold colour printing on the black nylon.
I always want to get a black longchamp with gold printing,
there's a burgundy color one in ebay but I didn't get that due to the price.
Got this bag from a seller in Malaysia.
Cheaper but only available in black colour.

This bag is in my favourite medium size and short handle :)
Beautiful gold colour printing -
The Great Wall of China was built to protect the Northern Region of China from Mongol Nomads.
With it’s length of 5,500 miles, it is the longest man-made structure in the world.
It shows the ability of Chinese people in building structure.

The printing is connected to the back side of the bag,
which make it so special and attractive!

Longchamp Japan Miyajima Limited Edition RARE

Say hello to the bags that I have been looking for so long 
I can't believe I got this edition of LONGCHAMP, 
because its so rare and completely sold out in JAPAN!
Eventually I type in the name and keep searching on the website and 
was hoping that someone is selling,
but every seller says that they are sold out! This bag is not available in Ebay :(
One day, I saw an advertisement in one of the website.
The lady is selling both brown and black Miyajima bags,
I quickly email her and was hoping that se will reply promptly.
I also text her according to the numbers on the advertisement.
I didn't receive any reply until I check my junk mail!
Oh god would never know she has replied until I check my junk mail!
Then we got the price and shipping discussed, because I am getting both of the bags!
One of the issue causes our transaction cannot be done quickly is the payment method.
I always prefer to pay by PAYPAL, especially for international shopping.
But the seller is having some problem with the Paypal.
Still, finally we got our payment finalised, she received my payment and posted my bag weeeeee
Receive it today via FEDEX EXPRESS, getting excited!
Medium box is opened, a longchamp shopping bag
 with 2 gift boxes.
My bags is wrapped with a thin layer of paper :)

Finally ^^
Medium size with short handle - Brown and Black colour.
Black one with gold colour printing;
brown one with white colour printing :)
Longchamp Miyajima - Motif represents the beautiful Torii of Itsukushima at Itsukushima Shrine, 
a Shinto shrine on the island of Itsukushima, often referred to as Miyajima in Japan
I love the black one with gold printing, probably gonna use this :)

And save this brown one for my collection :)

I love the printing on the nylon.
Even you still can get limited edition like

in ebay or other website, but definitely not this.

I can say I am so lucky!
And now, me and the seller lady are friends and we hang out
via viber and facebook sometimes :)