Sunday, 2 October 2011

Charles Anatase > The Ballet Shoes Le Pliage

I am so in love with this Ballet Shoes Longchamp, 
I was hesitating to buy them at first,
but because during May 2011 I am so stress working in Langham Hotel
so I bought this bag as a stress relieve.
Medium size with short handle.
This bag is so special, look at the leather flap button with a smiley face :)

One of the important of this bag is the pencil writing sentence at the right corner of the bag
"I could sleep 24 hours a day",
sounds like me !
Other than that, this bag feel a little bit more different compared to the normal le pliage,
it feel softer and the inner compartment is slightly different.

This bag itself is no pure white colour, more on off white colour,
which you don't have to worry that its gonna get dirty :)
This bag has been one of my main Longchamp Collection.


  1. If you wanna sell it, do not hesitate to contact me :) and If you want, I've made a groupe on Facebook :)

    Here is the page !

  2. I have this LONGCHAMP LIMITED EDITION ANASTASE BALLET SHOES bag - brand new - genuine - excellent condition - never used with 2 original tags that the bag came with inside the pocket - made in France - please let me know if you are interested in purchasing it. Thank you